About Us

“Strata Investments Inc” is a long-established pioneering Venture capital & Asset management company established in the United states with head office in Manhattan New York.

With a capital base of US$ 2.357 Billion, Strata Investment Inc has the capacity to several viable projects in Africa (within and outside the Oil & Gas sector). Today Strata is considered among the top Venture firms in the industry in the United States of America. The Group also has unique models & practical methods for the African market, Venture capital financing and development loan programs.

Our team possesses not only the knowledge and expertise across a broad range of business sectors and locations, but also key banking and investor relationships that allow our clientele to accomplish their objectives through highly unique products under the most beneficial terms, whether closing large development projects, completing a service, or sale of a product to a major new customer. We set high expectations for ourselves and our strategic funding sources.

The Team has 0ver 150 years of combine experience in investment banking & finance, Asset Management, Merger & acquisition, Partner buyout and portfolio recovery

With locations in The United States, Nigeria, South Africa, Hong Kong, Nevis and partners in London, Doha, Jordan, The UAE, and Switzerland, we have a fairly good presence in strategic locations around the globe.

Strata and its co-Partners are re-strengthening their focusing into Trade Financing, Bridge Financing and consolidating our vantage position in Oil & Gas, Power Stations, Oil Refineries, and Insurance.